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AN APPEAL -  Back in 2000, a photograph of the village was taken to commemorate the Millenium.  The proofs were passed around the village so that copies could be organised but this picture went missing.  If anyone knows of its whereabouts, please contact us.

The centre of the village from St. James' church  tower.

Compare the above view with this picture from the 1890s.   (Picture courtesy Mr. Peter Leewood)     

In 2010 a new roof was put on the hall.  The cost of this was funded by a generous grant from The Cory Environmental Trust.

Any similarity between the West Tilbury bonfire night and the film "The Wicker Man" is purely coincidental.

The top five beers.  The most popular was the Adnams Southwold Bitter.


I'll have a Caffreys!

                    Cheese, anyone?

Martin heard it would be a "blind tasting", so he wore his new glasses.

Choosing the best beer was a tough job but somebody had to do it.  Martin makes a noble sacrifice.

It always pays to read the instructions!

    Our East Tilbury contingent.

A few members of the judging panel.

"The Eejits" successfully fended off "Knigel's Knobblers" in a close run competition to win the bubbly. 

Seen here holding the substitute wooden spoon, a valiant effort by the team known as "Absolute Bow Locks".  By coming last, they really lived up to their early promise.

The Rev. Paul Robinson leads the procession from the church to the village green.

Before culminating at the village hall for traditional tea and cakes the service continues at The Green with music for the hymn by Grays Town Band.

 The Fabulous "SECTION 62" back in the sixties !

"SECTION 62" in 2012 - Still rockin' after all those years !!    A terrific night's entertainment by a very talented band....

Thanks to Valerie, Peter and their friends, marquees were made available to keep the worst of the weather off.

Flags and bunting were the order of the day !

Those participating were told to supply their own drinks !

The barbecue in full swing and everyone is sturdily ignoring the cold and rain.  When questioned, many of those attending said "It's June and we are British!"

The lure of celebrating the Jubilee even enticed Honorary Villager, Terry the Postman to come along!

Seen here is the winning team trophy and wooden spoon.  As you can see no expense was spared... or should that be incurred?

The Trans Thames Terminators Team  - Tracy, Martin, Clare and Martin receive the winners' trophy and a bottle of bubbly from Peter (centre).

The "We're With Thems", wooden spoon winners.  Aileen, Steve, Marion and John.  As for their knowledge of films, the less said the better.....They were good sports nonetheless and their support for the village hall was most welcome.

The Chairman presents the Winners' Trophy to The "Early Birds".

And the wooden spoon goes to "New Kid On The Block".  The new Grannies team!

May 2015 saw the new landlord, move in to the King's Head.

The Quiz night on the 20th of June saw the 'Wooden Spoon' change hands (to the relief of the previous holders) and bottles of bubbly go to "The Eejits" for a tour de force.  All good fun and more funds for the upkeep of the hall.

The mobile library has been coming to West Tilbury for over forty years but today, 2nd July 2015, was the last day as the service has been withdrawn by Thurrock Council.

As Christmas 2015 approaches the village braced itself for the festivities by having "Michaelmas Night" (A cosy night around the Christmas tree & open fire). 

A very big 'well done' to Corinne and Mick for all their hard work.

Winners of the best jumper competition

Not sure what is happening here!

The evening was rounded off by a visit from Father Christmas

A picture of the Great Common Field immediately to the North of the village hall.  Here we see the harvesting of crops in July 2018.  This land is still under agricultural use and it is likely that this has been the case for at least 1000 years, if not longer.